"Go ahead. Feel great!"

Welcome to Jen's Marketplace where we create and sell unique, yet responsibly formulated luxurious bath and body products for men and women (and other really cool stuff).

About Jen

Jennipher J. Williams Owner & CEO


Jen's Marketplace is the product manufacturing division of Jen Williams International, where we offer business and nonprofit startup services in our Entrepreneur Center.  So, I'm often asked how I got into creating bath and body products.

Well, what happened was...

It all started in 2014.  I just happened to have a little Epsom salt, some orange essential oil and a VERY tired body -- mine.

I combined all in my tub for a much needed bath soak and emerged refreshed and rejuvenated!

Over time, one product idea came after another.  After much industry research, creative development and extensive product testing, here we are!

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